RESUMPTION 2022 - What can I offer you today?

What we desire and what we need may vary as much as the different disciplines of art vary from each other. Reflecting on memory and time, exploring melancholy, being open to the hospitality of others, or creating possibilities for a new beginning, are aspects of the various encounters that artist Rosiris Garrido makes available with What can I offer you today?

What can I offer you today? is a collection of solos in which the artist investigates the interdisciplinarity of contemporary circus and invites one to three spectators into the intimacy of her studio for a previously chosen performance. With no separation between stage and audience, this contemporary circus performance invites an unusual exchange.

With this multidisciplinary contemporary circus project, intimate and expanded performances will again occupy the artist's personal studio, offering the spectators a close experience of the performances and the reactions of other people sharing the moment. In this way, the artist proposes an immediate exchange of points of view through the crossing of the gaze of the audience with each other, and the gaze of the audience with the artist.

What can I offer you today? is a performance that results from the extreme and unusual situations experienced in recent years, and also reflects on the meaning and formats of cultural experiences.

From these reflections, what Rosiris Garrido seeks to offer is a possibility of encounter and exchange with gentleness. In sessions of about ten minutes, a performance is offered accompanied by a brief conversation. The performances start from 07 May 2022.

Concept, choreographies and performer: Rosiris Garrido

Dramaturgy: Rodrigo Garcia Alves                      

Collaborating artists: Carla Guagliardi, Yuko Matsuyama, Valerie Renay, Chaim Gebber, Abel Navarro and Rodrigo Garcia Alves           

Original music: Yuko Matsuyama                              

Video: Maurits Laterveer                                      

Photos: Doreen Reichenbach                               

Costume design: Rosiris Garrido and collaborators                

Tailor: Dores Maués                                            

Graphic and web design: Kathryn Politis          

Programming: Roberto Winter                                   

Press and public relations: Nora Gores                           

Translation: Danilo Viana                                  

Consulting: Solange Lingnau                              

Production assistant: Claudia Afonso                           

Production Management: MCT Agentur                            

Special thanks: Sarah Goody, Andy Kopra, Jefferson Preto, Rudolf Giglberger, Scumeck Sabottka, Christian Kellersmann, Cristina Ruiz-Kellersmann